Here you will find all necessary information needed to request additional compensation.

Pre-approval form

This form MUST be submitted prior to attending any activity that you wish to receive compensation points for. The District Administrator will approve or deny your request.

Please submit points by using the link that is located on your Alternative Compensation Sheet. This form is to be completed after you have attended the pre-approved activity. This form must be submitted within 30 calendar days of the activity (within the fiscal year).

Important things to remember:

  1. You must earn points in each category. A chart of the expected points is below with additional links to more detailed documents.




Professional Development

  • Attended Professional Development (in and out of district and contract or non contract hours)

  • Presented Professional Development (in and out of district and contract or non contract hours)

  • Graduate/Undergraduate Credits

  • Completion of PDP

  • Additional License

  • Articulated/Dual Credit or AP Course or Distance Learning Course Instructor

120 points

Community Outreach

  • Supervisor of non-stipend activity

  • Community Activity

30 points

District Initiatives

  • Curriculum

  • Ad hoc District-Wide Committee

  • Mentor

  • School Strategic Plan Committee Participation

30 points


  • Staff Initiated Action Research

  • Article on Professional Journal

  • Supervising Student Teacher

  • PDP Team member

  • IEP participant (non-contracted hours)

  • Human Service-based children/family support teams

  • Officer of Professional organization

  • Wrote and Received Grant

  • Supervising Extra/Co-Curricular (coach, advisor, musical appointments, non-hourly appointments)

  • Community Outreach Overflow

  • Mentor Session Overflow

0 points

Total Points Needed to earn additional pay increase

400 points within 3-6 years

  1. Each activity is worth a set amount of points. Here is the spreadsheet with possible points. A more detailed document is located here Definitions.

  2. If you do not earn your 400 points within 6 years, you will be frozen on the pay scale and put on an improvement plan.

  3. For salary advancement, all points and appropriate paperwork must be submitted by March 1st.